Rent your mobile internet.

Megacharger automatically extracts public data on websites, and gives you rewards in exchange.

We are currenty in a early tests phase.

How it works ?

We are a big data company, and we make money from public web data.

When you install ⚑ Megacharger, your phone will collect public information on websites (online prices πŸ’², flight information ✈️, etc), and will automatically sell it to organizations including banks 🏦, universities πŸŽ“, ecommerce sites πŸ›’ and big brands you know.

At the end, your wallet get credited and you can withdraw your earnings as real money by different ways.

Respect, Ethics & Transparence.

Since we are nothing without our users, we infinitely respect the people who trust us and who participate in the evolution of our platform. And one of the ways we show our respect is by taking care of your privacy πŸ”’.

We simply don't need or want your personal data, since Megacharger is only about collecting public information on websites 🌍.

Like most of our partners, we are fully based in France πŸ₯, so we are subject to French and Europeean laws.

To learn more on which personal data we collect and how we use it to ensure the service works correctly, take a look at our privacy policy.

Low Battery Usage.

Not all application are built with the same priorities.

Because we know that battery life is still an issue on most smartphones in 2022, since the beginning we develop the ⚑ Megacharger app with battery efficiency πŸ”‹ in mind.

While it runs as a background service, the power comsumption is ridiculously low thanks to an highly optimized code & architecture.

Who we are.

At Space Cats Corporation, we're building apps so everyone can ethically get daily cryptocurrencies without having to invest your own money.

As we're convinced in the potential of the decentralised economy, we want to give people the opportunity to introduce themselve to cryptocurrencies, no matter your knowledge and your financial resources.

Today, we are ... one.

Yeah it's me, Gaëtan ✌ Nice to meet you, dear visitor.

But, why I'm talking in the third person on the website and the social networks ? Well, it's just so that I don't have to change everything I wrote when the second member joins me in the adventure πŸ™‚.